4 unique ways to surprise your man on his birthday!

4 unique ways to surprise your man on his birthday!

 Tired of the usual? Check these ideas out!

  1.  A “personalized” Bottle of Hennessy
    (or their spirit of choice).
     A few years ago I wanted to do something different for my boyfriend. Something that would be more than just romantic but , personal. I thought of things that were “celebration oriented”  that he would actually enjoy; Ex. his hobbies, favorite foods/drinks, etc. Then it clicked! A bottle of Henny! But with a personalized message/phrase/name engraved into it. This is a gift that is truly timeless. Your partner can drink it that night, or save it for another special occasion. Here is the link to the site I ordered from!


    Trust me ! He’ll love this !

  2. Hot Air Balloon Ride.
    Search “hot air balloon rides near me” on google to find locations close to your area. Many places even have birthday/anniversary packages. You can have some fun with this idea by packing his favorite meal or snacks for y’all to enjoy!  He will definitely not be expecting this! It is sure to be a new + exciting experience for the both of you 😀

  3. “The Story of Us.”
    I stumbled across this website  http://lovebookonline.com and I literally could have fainted haha. SO cute ! Custom make a soft cover or hard cover book unique to the love story of you and your partner. It can be romantic, silly, deep, fun, totally up to you! There are hundreds of pages to choose from and you can also edit the words of the characters you design ! This is personally my favorite idea. I surprised my boyfriend with a book and he was honestly so deeply touched by how personal and different it was! This gift is so special and intimate + can be kept and cherished for a lifetime.

  4. “Dinner & A Movie.”
    Turn the living room or your bedroom into a private movie theater! You can purchase battery operated and/or real candles to set the vibe (or decorate however you’d like!) Surprise him ‘pre-showtime’ with a candlelit dinner and some of his favorite movie time snacks for when y’all watch the film. Here is a screenshot from a video of the set up I did! (Wish I would of thought to take some better pics of the whole room.) The energy was so romantic and cinematic. The simple things are often the most heart-warming. Less is truly more!

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