“Stripper to CEO” -How dancing shapes women into business leaders.

“Stripper to CEO” -How dancing shapes women into business leaders.

As a stripper, you are technically your own boss. You make your own schedule, have control over the clientele you choose to associate with, and set your own prices/rules. There are many misconceptions floating around this occupation, but what they won’t tell you is how many women are successfully transitioning from being a stripper to CEO of their own companies. Not only does exotic dancing provide you with the financial capital to build your own brand (profits at the end of your shift can literally vary from $0-$2,000 a night..or more depending on the club you are contracted at), but it also builds emotional intelligence, business skills (such as verbal & non-verbal communication, “tough skin” when dealing with rejection, decision making, marketing, sales, etc.), and a huge network! (Sometimes it really is about who you know!)

I’ve experienced rejection in both it’s nicest and cruelest forms. At first, I cried. ( I’m a big baby at heart). Then, I bossed up. Now I see a “no” as one person closer to a “yes.” I know for every opportunity that is not for me, there’s a bunch of opportunities that are. You kind of learn to not take things so personal. Everybody has their type; Or expectations rather. And if you don’t fit theirs, it truly does not mean a thing. Over time you kind of learn how to master your emotions and handle situations in a less impulsive + more logical sense. You also learn time management & the value of your time. This has ultimately enhanced my decision making skills, such as being aware of when to close the deal or when to keep it moving.

Communication: At first I would approach these potential clients and never really know what to say or how to act or even when to give my sales pitch. After some time and many conversations later, I guess one could now call me a smooth operator. (lol) But seriously! Through stripping I’ve learned how to say a lot without saying too much, and also the magic of body language, eye contact, and total presence! I’ve also learned that listening is the most important part of a conversation, especially in business. It allows you to get a better understanding of who your customer is, what they are looking for and most of the time, even how they want to be sold on it. I’ve also been able to apply this skill out in the “real world.” Whether in the grocery store or at a networking event, I can pretty much start and hold a conversation with just about anybody.

Speaking of networking: I can not tell you how many business cards and numbers I’ve collected through out the years. Ranging from lawyers, plumbers, doctors, CEOs, politicians, general contractors, financial advisors, accountants, realtors, web designers, so forth and so on. Not only have I been offered generously priced services, many of them have given me knowledge that I’ve been able to utilize when it comes to starting my own company, creating a website (such as this blog), managing my finances, legal questions, investment advice, etc etc etc. Also, if you plan on transitioning into any profession outside of dancing, you have so many opportunities to meet the right people who can help you get your foot in the door!

Don’t get me wrong, the strip club is not for everybody. Though, it is a great platform for women who feel they are able to mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally handle the cons that inevitably come with the wonderful pros of being a stripper. If you find that you are able to overcome the negatives and unleash your divine feminine power in this industry, it will honestly take you SO FAR.

If you are considering dancing, or if you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like working as a dancer in a strip club, you can find the answers to a lot of your questions below on episode 62 of Brittney Lynn’s, “DAY IN THE LIFE” ; If you’ve been thinking of getting into the scene I’d really recommend checking this interview outā™”. I talk about what I wish I knew when I first started dancing, how I got started, and pretty much what you can expect to experience as a stripper.


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