The Beautiful Truth About False Twin Flame Connections.

The Beautiful Truth About False Twin Flame Connections.

False twin flame connections are stepping stones. They elevate you to your higher purpose, and to the higher love you were meant to submerge into. 

The “one” you so deeply feel is “the one” , technically is the one. The one meant to show you what you want and do not want. They rip you apart so quietly, so entirely, that before you can even realize the damage that is being done, you are left with no other choice than to figure out what you are made of, how you were so perfectly fashioned, and how to put yourself together again; through patience , through gentleness, through self awareness. 

They are the one who takes your hand, and leads you to your righteous path, the path of inner strength and inner love, of faith and found dreams, the path that will lead you to the true mirror of your soul. 

Though be warned, when they let go of your hand and set you free, informing you that you must walk this path alone, your heart will shatter. You will get so far, and want to turn back to them, you will find yourself trying to find them. 

But do not turn around, do not lose sight of the vision in your heart. I promise you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel , a being of light that will heal all the remains of what has been faltered, that will restore all of the things that were once thought to of been lost 💛