Why “vegan” is not a synonym for “healthy”

Why “vegan” is not a synonym for “healthy”

Okay. So. I guess I would like to start off by saying that I am a member of the “animals are friends, not food” community. HOWEVER, it drives me crazyyy when people advertise being vegan with being healthy because there is a huge difference between the two.

Many people have and are continuing to transition into being vegan because they want to reap the health benefits. My advice to both veterans and new comers; Be aware. A lot of what marketers + influencers on social media are promoting contradicts a major point of going vegan, especially if you are trying to heal yourself—mind body soul.

3 words. READ. THE. INGREDIENTS. I can NOT stress this enough. I can’t even begin to list all the brands/products that label themselves as “vegan” “non-gmo” “organic” yet you look at the nutrition label/ingredients and it’s just as high in saturated fat & sugar + just as processed as the meat and cheese and junk food that you are getting from the supermarket. I know the intention behind promoting these products is good, but it’s frustrating to see pages with huge platforms telling MILLIONS of people to try this “healthy” brand, or make this delicious “healthy” vegan meal but then some of the ingredients they list are really not that good for you at all and should not be consumed on a regular basis.

Changing your lifestyle when it comes to food is a personal journey that we all endure at our own pace. And while these alternatives are great in that sense, they should not be falsely marketed as “healthy”, so to speak. We are living in an era where false information is dominating , it’s really important to research and double check the things you are coming across. And it’s especially important to be in tune with your body and how it feels/responds when you put certain things into it. + I mean look.. life is not black and white. It’s okay to indulge here and there but humans are indulging too much too often. This will do more harm than good sooner or later.

Realistically speaking , eating meals prepared using whole ingredients and/or going completely raw vegan is your best bet. Many people may say it’s costly but it’s not. What’s costly is buying processed, frozen vegan “food”/snacks. What am I gonna eat? You may ask. I already told ya hehe . Raw foods. OR a cooked dish prepared with whole ingredients. & the best way to assure this is by making your own! With Pinterest and so many blogs out there it’s SO easy to attain ideas to make yummy, REAL, healthy meals! (I’ve included some links with recipes down below.) I know time can be an issue, especially if you don’t plan on going raw vegan (a super time-friendly way to eat obviously lol) but believe me when I tell you we have the time we make. Getting organized and meal prepping helps a lot. Having a schedule. Reprioritizing. All these changes will make a new lifestyle fun and possible!

More realistically speaking, health is deeper than a label or a diet. It’s a lifestyle. How do you speak to yourself? To others? What kind of habits consume your life? Are your thoughts negative or positive? Are you drinking enough water? Are you staying active or laying in bed all day? What kind of people do you surround yourself with? What kind of person are you? Are you mostly grateful or do you complain often? All these things come into play if you truly desire a life abundant with complete overall health. (mind.body.soul.)

We can not control the choices of others. We can only look within and reflect on the choices we make and the entities/corporations that we want to support. By focusing on yourself and spreading awareness (gently , with love) we can slowly but surely shift the way things are. We live in a “supply and demand” kind of world. 2 wordsPeople. Power. Global change really does happen one person at a time. This one quote always stuck with me. “How can I make a difference? said 7.4 billion people.

Love, Demi.

P.S. here are some links to recipes for some yummy raw + whole ingredient meals.


*The main reason I believe more people should switch to a plant based diet is because the land animals we eat are not being fed a nutritious diet, instead they are being fed corn and are given hormones so they grow bigger than nature intended them to be; therefore their meat, eggs , etc is not nutritious for humans AT ALL the way it may be if they were being properly taken care of. + Our oceans are also so polluted so the fish we eat are living in a dirty environment + consuming toxins that end up in our bellies. More so, a lot of the seafood we get comes from fish farms and have so many processed ingredients by the time they reach your local restaurant or grocery store. This is strictly due to the high volume of people consuming more than our bodies need + wasting food. Corporations won’t say no to the money that this industry has brought them so they are shamelessly mass producing the products in demand resulting in extremely unsanitary factories + cruel conditions for these animals. They get sick, sleep in their own feces , die in vein, then all that bacteria and low energy ends up in OUR bodies.